It might be more appropriate to ask, what was Goatee Style? This location was the home of my personal website, which was most active during my college years. That was about a decade ago now! At the time the site featured things like a blog, comics, and portfolio of my art school projects. But these days I don't create as many art projects, and my life isn't filled with as many college-type antics.

Nope, sorry. Maybe the title of the site mislead you, but I never planned to offer suggestions on how to trim your chin fringe. I've had a goatee (sometimes a beard) since I was able to grow it, so it has become my trademark. But I've never claimed to be an expert in forming follicular fashion. The "Style" in the site title was meant to suggest "a distinctive manner or custom of behaving or conducting oneself." In other words, the hip attitude and positive outlook unique to the elite goateed.

Some of you might remember the pumpkin carving patterns from the later years of Goatee Style. Are they still available? Good gourd, YES! And lots more too. The pumpkin stencils moved to their own site years ago, and have been flourishing on the vine. This is the biggest reason Goatee Style has gone dormant. All my creative energy is now poured into this Halloween endeavor. So if it's jack-o-lanterns you seek, dig some up at Zombie Pumpkins! A new breed of pumpkin carving patterns.

I wouldn't hold your breath. The type of content I put on this site during college just isn't the sort of thing I create these days. Adult life and career have taken focus. So I'm not sure what I could use this site for. But don't worry, the spirit of Goatee Style will always live on through the ages.

Chin up, guys.